Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams reviews

Big-City-DreamsHello Kitty: Big City Dreams is a game based on Hello Kitty character in which our heroine moves from Sanrio Town to reach The Big City. The game includes 16 mini games to end. It is a game developed for young girls aged at least 3.

Since its first release, in 2008 in the USA, Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams collected lots of positive reviews also from adult persons. Those are the main reviews from Argos, UK shops.

Kaybabs from Gwynedd, Wales, says her daughter (3 years old) is very happy with the game. Helal from London gives the game a score of 4 on 5 as her daughter is so happy of the game. Another mum bought the game for her 7 years old daughter and she says her loves the game and travel with Kitty all round The Big City and change her clothes. Clare from Cardiff says her 5 years old daughter really enjoy the game and keep her happy for ages. At the end everyone loves the game and everyone really recommend it.

On Amazon.com users give the game a total of 4.5 on 5. L.W. Blake says it’s a game probably for girls aged 8-11 as it can be quite difficult for younger girls. To be honest it is a game great also for 5-6 years old girls, as it’s also good to start to learn reading, thanks to dialogs between Kitty and her friends.

Hello Kitty character is really appreciated by girls of all ages, they’ll love it and spent ages in front of their Nintendo DS.