Best video games about Hello Kitty

hello-kittyHello Kitty, the “lady” cat created in 1976 by the japanese Sanrio and became one of the most known characters in the world (still today, more than 30 years later, it generates several dollar millions in turnover for Sanrio). Nowadays it’s quite hard to find something that has not been “Kitted”, videogames is one field where Hello Kitty  spread in the years.

Among the best videogames ever we can see Hello Kitty Picnic, in which our heroine can go on picnic with friends. This is a non-violence game and is  very edicational, especially among younger fans, which can start to learn reading thanks to the various dialogs. This game is developed for girls 7 and older.

Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams is one of the most famous (and sold) videogames about Kitty. In it, the “lady” cat leaves her home town to go to live in The Big City. Starting from a small ground floor apartment, players need to help Kitty to interact with other characters, to know friends and to earn friendship points in order to be able, one day, to buy that amazing penthouse at the top floor.

Loving Life with Hello Kitty & Friends is a very fun game for girls 5 and older (anyway this does not exclude younger girls at all). The game presents lots of mini-games which needs to be solved and which are able to teach something useful to your child. There are, among the others, a toy store, a bakery, an art gallery store and a furniture store which Kitty need to interact in order to continue in the game.